Tyra Tingleff “Imagine it Wet. . .” at ChertLüdde, Berlin

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Within the exhibition house, Tingleff ’s immense fields of coloration twist into a wonderful association of pigments and shapes on towering canvases. Inside every microcosmic work surge numerous layers that glide into one heteroglossic floor. Via her cautious and ardent collection of colours, Tingleff explores the fabric and emotive thresholds of oil paint.

Wetness, as alluded to within the present’s title, is a vital aspect within the creation of her complicated compositions. Half of what’s so fascinating about Tingleff ’s work is that they seem fluid even after having absolutely dried. Flooded with the imagined motion of a deeply laden canvas, her work supply twist endings and stray beginnings. Over the course of her inventive profession, Tingleff has developed her personal, very corporal technique of portray. Utilizing unconventional and medium-bending approaches, oil paint is usually poured instantly on the big canvases. Inside a sure window of time-dependent on the climate and local weather—the paint strikes and finds form.

“It’s a moody factor,” Tingleff states with reference to her method. Repeated a number of instances between drying intervals, the motion of portray with a sure performative depth causes extra oils to drip and spill on the studio ground, leaving the sides reworked by the oil-stained floor. This technique of portray works each with and towards the medium’s autonomous need to movement. The work I lure you a lot (2022), is a very vigorous work with electrical colours that surge on prime of the linen canvas. Inside this wild constellation, regained authorship is enacted by Tingleff ’s pulling of an inverted paintbrush throughout puddles of strong colours. This brushstroke à rebours, an act that references artwork historical past whereas concurrently engulfing and abandoning it, interjects the spreading of the fabric towards the pure gravity of its course.
Tingleff ’s fixed working and re-working positions every portray on the cusp of extra. Her course of is a precariously balanced one, at all times prone to tipping over into muddiness if the paint is labored “an excessive amount of.” Pastel yellow mixes with cobalt blue and deep, royal purple in The supply appears inexhaustible. . . (2022), leading to a murky sandstone of gray-toned slivers. On the bounds of over- and under-mixing she explains, “An excellent portray wants to depart the studio uncooked”1. The corners of the work that are left untouched by the paint’s unruly colours display how likelihood in summary portray is moved by each management and submission.

The ultimate flip in every of Tingleff ’s work is its title. With oddity in each phrase, Tingleff makes use of phonetic and linguistic instinct to oppose summary portray’s affinity for the phrase “Untitled.”2 An unspooling of the thoughts, the names as a substitute supply glimpses into the artist’s ideas and emotions by means of poetic fragments or witty retorts. Nonetheless sustaining the anomaly of nonfigurative portray, the titles and the works stay open for interpretation. Returning to the exhibition title, the wetness talked about may comprise extra slippery meanings–maybe innuendos– that seem simply past attain. Think about it moist. . . is an exhibition that scales magnificence and ugliness, sincerity and humor on the tipping level of “an excessive amount of.” Manipulating oil paint to its very extremes, the works supply a pliability towards the all-too-sharpness of life, spilling in the direction of an area for entangled meanings to coexist. We’re reminded, in any case, that “the supply appears inexhaustible.”

at ChertLüdde, Berlin
till October 29, 2022

1    “Tyra Tingleff in dialog with Amy Zion,” in Of Course I’m Not Sorry, Mousse Publishing, 2022, p. 133
2    Inside the male-dominated style of Abstraction, Tingleff famous a powerful repetition in artists utilizing “Untitled” to label works, which create additional distance between the paintings and the viewers.

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