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I saw this painting when I was visiting the Antique Emporium of Asbury Park, and was immediately attracted to it with its surrealist imagery. We’ve got a snake and a person with an outstretched arm turning into clouds (?), a white horse tucked into bull horns above letters floating on the ocean and a digital time stamp that matches the time in a Salvador Dali-like melting clock. Pretty awesome, don’t you think?

thrift store surrealist painting
Surrealist painting by an unidentified artist at the Antiques Emporium of Asbury Park.

I didn’t buy it, although I was certainly tempted, and as I’m revisiting it now, I’m getting the urge to go back and get it, if it’s still there. This has happened to me before at the same antiques location, with an interesting story that unfolded regarding a painting by Arrigo Ghedini that I saw and went back to buy a year later.

At any rate, let’s take a closer look at the homage to Salvador Dali, below left – nicely done, I’d say! Here’s a look at the original if you want a comparison point. Also, below right is the signature for this artist – it’s a little hard to make out, can anyone out there identify this painter? It looks like “Laentes G,” but a search for that online comes up empty. If anyone knows anything about this painting or the artist, please share your info in the comments section below.

homage to Salvador Dali melting clock
A look at this painting’s homage to Salvador Dali’s melting clock imagery.

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