“The New, New” at Peres Projects, Seoul

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Drawing on a renewed strategy to figurative portray, Rafa Silvares, Emily Ludwig Shaffer, George Rouy, Anton Munar, Jeremy, Paolo Salvador, and Austin Lee are forging new paths in the best way we see and interpret the world. Working from their very own private experiences and nourished by their completely different cultural, social, and geographical backgrounds, they discover the potential of figuration to rethink our relationship to house, time, and the digital world.

Past the motif and the picture, “The New, New” invitations the viewer to resume their consideration to the painted object itself. By way of completely different aesthetic approaches, in addition to using numerous supplies and methods, the featured artists lay naked the materiality of their work, whether or not by difficult the flatness of the canvas, investigating the expressiveness of a gesture, or constructing sensory layers of fabric. As we now devour most photos on screens, the works of those artists remind us of the physicality of portray, and the facility of an object that bears the traces of the physique that touched it and the feelings that formed it. The face-to-face encounter with this new exhibition appeals not solely to our humanity as considering beings, but in addition as residing, sensual, and emotional organisms. Within the midst of spring, “The New, New” invitations us to an awakening of our senses.

at Peres Initiatives, Seoul
till Might 26, 2023

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