Tanja Widmann “Lying Daughters” at FELIX GAUDLITZ, Vienna

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Mendacity Daughters

Letting the operative websites arrive at themselves throughout the mechanisms of reprint, imprint, copy and studying out the code in a non-identity is a marked and compelled emptying of the title. Produced by Johannes Porsch. It’s a want to turn into perform, not out of the impulse of over-adjustment, however to have the ability to change forwards and backwards between 1st and third particular person. What might this work seem like? One is positioned within the narrative itself, and retrospectively a context of motion is sketched out that’s as false because the self-data in a confessional poem, false within the sense of questionable. Free oblique speech, Deleuze calls it in the beginning of the 90s and takes Pasolini for example of how the impact of circumstances and relation features as the reason for reality results. A simulation relationship between the target digicam and the view of the topic of the narration, into which the artist enters.

Now’s performed again what just isn’t wished in any respect: Mommy, Daddy, Artist, Teenage bother. I’m (not) that particular person. And but they get caught someplace in between, within the grid, which is continually distorted. It runs via all of the rooms right here and likewise via the person works, buildings and subjugates, but in addition carries the our bodies in its coordinates and catches them. It takes on totally different qualities, can shift gazes, turns into cell, ethereal and reflexive. In an act of mimicry, the producers proceed to construct it in order that they will turn into a derelict algorithm, one which brings again the leftovers or what has been discarded. Within the course of, the normativity of the grid is perverted by its twists and turns.

Richard Prince’s Girlfriends collection begun in 1992, circulated in a number of variations, and was revealed in 1993 below the identical title. A hanging instance of appropriation artwork with which we’re acquainted, it’s each an event for retrospective results and an innocuous precursor to the stark imagery of immediately. Within the relationship between Prince, the topics and their picture, there was an ambivalence of liberating and dominating that, because it seems, just isn’t timelessly thrilling, and maybe not even timelessly ambivalent. In “Mendacity Daughters,” there may be an curiosity within the place that has turn into out of date with time, and the potential devaluation of essential tasks or cherished contradictions that comes with it. The irresolvable the rest is juxtaposed with the opportunity of merely being mistaken. Within the course of, the fetishized second is appropriated so as to withdraw it from Prince‘s fossilized want and at last add it to the gathering of 1‘s personal skills.

Michael Taussig writes of the picture attacking whose picture it’s (within the late Nineteen Nineties and in a post-colonial context); of illustration sharing or taking from the facility of the sitter as a testomony to the mimetic college in artwork. Drawing this motion into the context of the exhibition, one might say: right here one thing is captured via a replica so as to make oneself totally different, perverse, for oneself. The magic of artwork takes place in making copies and so long as they don’t seem to be within the glitches of copy applied sciences, we’re additionally all ghosts ourselves, don‘t get me mistaken, a pseudo-narrative, an appropriation within the sense of: Each phrase she writes is a lie, even “and” and “however.”

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