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I was walking down Main Street in Beacon, NY, when I noticed these surrealist hand sculptures with eyeballs embedded in the palms of each … it’s certainly an attention-grabber. This was in the front window of the Pandorica Restaurant, and checking out their website, it explains that they are “… the only Doctor Who themed restaurant on the east coast with a decor that is not over the top, but filled with subtle references to our favorite show.” I’m familiar with the show, but never really got around to watching it, so I would ask you Dr. Who fans out there, are the hands with eyeballs something from the show?

surrealist art with eyeballs embedded in hands
Some surrealist art in the front window of the Pandorica Restaurant in Beacon, NY.

Here’s another view of these surrealist art sculptures. While I’m not familiar with their meaning in the context of the Dr. Who television series, I did find out that the “Pandorica,” for which the restaurant is named, is defined as: “The Pandorica was a prison hidden under Stonehenge. It was built to hold the Doctor and ensure the safety of the Alliance.” If you have any explanations that you’d like to share about these hands, please do so in the comments section below.

surrealism art at the Pandorica Restaurant in Beacon
Detail views of the front window of the Pandorica Restaurant, a Dr. Who-themed restaurant in Beacon, NY.

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