Surrealism. Early, Neo & the Contemporary.

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I’m at all times trying to find new and funky artwork to share with our social media followers. This week I stumbled upon a Polish artist referred to as, Igor Morski. Completely blown away by his method, concepts and realism, I used to be despatched on a tangent which result in additional discovery of up to date surrealism. So I made a decision to share the differing types. However firstly, what’s surrealism?

In accordance with the Met Museum; “Surrealism originated within the late 1910s and early ’20s as a literary motion that experimented with a brand new mode of expression referred to as automated writing, or automatism, which sought to launch the unbridled creativeness of the unconscious.”

Surrealism in artwork is the visible expression of this philosophical motion. Surrealism depicts unnerving, illogical scenes with photographic precision. For instance; the creation of unfamiliar beings from on a regular basis objects. Early Surrealist artists used portray methods that allowed the unconscious to precise itself and or thought/idea.

One of the well-known early surrealists was Salvador Dali. His floor breaking work wowed and challenged realists in every single place. His work beneath was hand painted.

Salvador Dali's 'The Persistence of Memory'

Salvador Dali’s ‘The Persistence of Reminiscence’

In accordance with Charley Parker from the Strains and Colors Weblog; “Neo-Surrealism is a extra unfastened and broadly utilized time period, used to check with quite a few creative types that started to appear across the Nineteen Sixties and Seventies that included visible parts much like or borrowed from Surrealism. Whereas these types incorporate dream-like and oddly juxtaposed imagery, they’re hardly ever based mostly on precise goals, and there’s little if any emphasis on the unique Surrealist precept of automatism.” Neo Surrealist artwork may be very acquainted to different immersing types resembling; magic realism, fantasy artwork and visionary artwork.

Beneath British graphic designer and photographer, Dan Mountford has taken his two expertise and created hyper real looking vector creations that can have you ever questioning actuality. A terrific instance of how the fantasy world shines by way of Neo-surrealism.

Neo Surrealism by Dan Mountford

Neo Surrealism by Dan Mountford

There have been extra strict guidelines surrounding the idea and elegance of early surrealism whereas neo-surrealism and up to date surrealism incorporates many various codecs, supplies, approaches and subjects. Whereas the early surrealistic ideas are nonetheless within the works of a number of essential artists of right now, many others have developed an aesthetic idea influenced by the languages of the telematic instruments for the plenty. Surrealist artists right now not solely have bodily instruments however have digital instruments to make their works extra actual and extra consciously difficult than ever. So surrealism right now is mainly artwork that appears so actual it falls beneath the label ‘realism’ which entertains concepts that are so the wrong way up they’ll solely be actual in our unconscious. Skys not the restrict.

Beneath I’ve shared Polish up to date Surrealist Dariusz Kilmczak’s ‘Giratree’. Very clearly digital artwork. So real looking, my mind questions if this might in truth be an actual creature!

Dariusz Klimczak's 'Giratree'

Dariusz Klimczak’s ‘Giratree’

And eventually below- the person who impressed me to discover this type further- Igor Morski. Beneath are examples of his work. He makes use of Adobe Photoshop primarily to govern his pictures and artwork work.

A piece from Igor Morski's Nature series.

A bit from Igor Morski’s ‘Nature’ sequence.

Igor Morski's 'El Hurgador'

Igor Morski’s ‘El Hurgador’


A bit from Igor’s ‘Psychology’ sequence.


An instance of Igor’s unbelievable illustrative expertise


An instance of Igor’s press illustrations

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