“Stratificazioni” at ArtNoble Gallery, Milan

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A collective labor of reminiscence

“One by no means begins in a pure area, however somewhat on a floor saturated with pictures and unexpressed ideas.”
—Seloua Luste Boulbina 1

Stratum in geology are these striated layers of uncovered rock usually labored and eroded by passing waters throughout the sluggish flowing of time. These surfaces expose what is generally unseen, buried throughout the earth’s floor. “Stratificazioni” is an exhibition that transcribes these notions of evidencing these undercurrents and exposing histories, and social materials as related to voids and absences in historic reminiscence. The layering of our realities leans upon important fabulation of all of these people and cultural epistemologies that floor us.

Via the invitation of ArtNoble Gallery, artist Jermay Michael Gabriel turns his “carte blanche” right into a collective response that engages politics and poetics, immersing the viewers in associative preparations of phrases and letters (Muna Mussie), shapes and faces (Jermay Michael Gabriel, Georges Senga), summary and untold tales (Jim C. Nedd, Délio Jasse) that entice an embodied and intuitive viewing course of. Connecting reminiscence’s affect on self-perception in relation to the inhabitance of area, these interventions symbolize an intimation of the realities we assemble round ourselves and the way we self-identify inside and all through these constructed areas which are our right here and now.

From pictures, sculpture, textile and combined media works, the exhibition invitations us to rethink our method to historic archives, to the political, the aesthetic or the social. Right here, the act of embroidering, dismantling, burning, assembling and observing is the knot passing from one world to a different, from conventional to modern, from previous to current. Stratificazioni’s featured works share, transmit and construct robust connections; whereas providing numerous interpretations that may reveal deeper histories and practices, in addition they carry a dramatical and theatrical dimension to on a regular basis life.

A replicate of their private experiences of the poetics of area, the group present “Stratificazioni” multiplies mediums and create a broader constellation of identification, nationality, politics and private aesthetics, remodeling the mundane into dream and melancholy. Embracing an energetic position because the producers of our personal narrative and as these tasked with exposing all that lies beneath, this group of artists problem notions of preservation and achievability by trying in the direction of collective reminiscence and the collective labor of reminiscence. Visibility and presence are shifted within the perspective offered by these artists who look to vanishing factors embedded inside archives and their classification but additionally are intent on creating their very own. To peel again the layers of social and cultural histories is to proof these atmospheric tensions that formed and proceed to solidify the world round us.

Janine Gaëlle Dieudji

Taking part artists:
Jermay Michael Gabriel, Délio Jasse, Muna Mussie, Jim C. Nedd, Georges Senga

at ArtNoble Gallery, Milan
till July 26, 2023

1    Les Miroirs vagabonds ou la décolonisation des savoirs (arts, littérature, philosophie), Seloua Luste Boulbina, Les Presses du Réel, 2018.

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