Solomon Garçon “ARMS” at Studio Voltaire, London

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Encompassing sound, sculpture and efficiency, Garçon will create a mise-en-scène, containing low frequency sounds and ambiguous kinds.

His apply considers each the “digital” and the “underground” as areas of experimentation. Garçon weaves narratives and simulations of liminal and re-imagined areas. The artist performs with scale, materiality and sound, typically referencing shape-shifting and animorphic figures from actuality tv and horror genres.

Within the exhibition, guests might be confronted with cadaverous sculptures that stay partially hidden below shrouds, maybe providing safety or implying latent violence. Chairs will stand in as proxies for lacking or potential spectators, and reverb simulation strategies will discover the “territorial.” Garçon describes how his work makes use of “unlocking, reworking, storing and distributing” as methods of showing and or masking up.

Three performances will happen over the course of the exhibition, positioning the viewers as each observer and noticed.

at Studio Voltaire, London
till January 14, 2024

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