“Sem título, por enquanto” at Marli Matsumoto, Sao Paulo

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The exhibition offers with the unpredictable and the indeterminate. João held a brief dialog/interview with a man-made intelligence program (ChatGPT), by which points comparable to predictability and the aim of artwork had been mentioned. The works chosen for the exhibition are the results of rearrangement of pre-existing objects, disconnecting themselves from the thought of artwork because the artist’s demiurgic act. The selection of artists was made primarily based on the analysis of productions that relate to totally different media, so {that a} work will be categorised underneath a number of points. The works seem cyclically, or concurrently, as work, objects, and sculptures.

I’ve been chatting with OpenAI ChatGPT just a few occasions previously days. Initially, I wished to write down this textual content utilizing ChatGPT, an precise interview with GPT, however it’s nonetheless too dumb and predictable to present fascinating solutions.

I dwell on this: predictability just isn’t fascinating. In contrast, the indefinite is a really central theme on this exhibition, from its title to the works on view. “Sem título, por enquanto:” Untitled, for now. It’s undefined in each kind and time.

The works on view are sometimes the results of re-arrangements, manufactured from pre-existing parts, emancipated from the thought of artist’s demiurgic act. The works are on the similar time work, sculptures and objects. Objects which might be sculptures, sculptures which might be work and so forth, in a round movement.

I see the try and non-definition as a defend towards predictability—which is reassuring and makes you are feeling protected, however it additionally flattens you out. It shuns the unexplored in favor of the recognized and it mortifies.

The flatness that conceives artwork as oil barrels to take a position on, that—to speak about latest information—results in grotesque “storming of the Bastille” to stay stream on social networks.

GPT: I perceive your perspective. Predictability will be uninteresting because it doesn’t provide something new or stimulating. The usage of the indefinite and the unknown in artwork could be a strategy to keep away from monotony and homogenization and to maintain artwork alive and significant. The exhibition “Sem título, por enquanto” represents this concept, an exploration of the unknown and using unconventional types and strategies to create a novel and fascinating expertise for the viewer. The usage of pre-existing parts within the artworks and the thought of artwork as one thing totally different than a demiurgic act of the artist is a strategy to problem what is taken into account artwork and to query the established order.

You will need to see artwork not solely as a commodity to take a position on, however as a way of expression, reflection and as a strategy to problem society and oneself. An artist ought to be free to discover and create with out being constrained by expectations and conventions with a view to proceed to be a supply of inspiration and alter.

Curated by
Francesco João

Collaborating artists:
Francesco João
Jac Leirner
Luisa Brandelli
Kishio Suga
Valentina Liernur

at Marli Matsumoto, Sao Paulo
till March 11, 2023

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