“Sem Lala, Private Collection, Jeff Wall Productions” at Hot Wheels Athens

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I’ve been pondering of night time rides and the way I are likely to understand the highway signage as a blurred out laserlike stream of reflective mild. Or the long-exposure images of stars, the place they appear as if they’re falling by means of the viewfinder. In each instances, mild in movement trails away. In a way, it isn’t the sunshine in itself that I expertise, however its trailing motion. The sunshine is the very falling that carries the sunshine of the star throughout the sky; or the signal alongside the windshield of the automotive that I’m in. Right here, the factor is the deferral of what the factor signifies, as if what we’re witnessing is the verb, neither topic nor object. I get a  sense of indeterminacy from this. I believe the star, the signal—the article of that means—is, below regular circumstances, perceived as static solely as a result of we occur to be falling in simultaneity with it. That in a way, we’re falling in simultaneity with it not solely by means of house, however by means of a shared linear expertise of time too. And it’s after I view this linearity from a timeless time, or a trip of time (maybe the long-exposure on the spot, or maybe the dislocation of kind by means of reappropriation), that the trailing of sunshine, and analogously, the deferral of that means is made evident by the introduction of an indeterminate time period. The trailing mild is relegated towards a limitlessly extending, linear chain of signification, a line of loss upon which it by no means finds its footing; the place it’s all the time stressed. The article turns into processual. It turns into a circulation that traces out the restrict of the symbolic register of a historicity that units the phrases for the apprehension of what it signifies to: star: mounted level. Distant incandescent physique that’s just like the solar. That the mounted level is definitely one in flux, as an implication, devastates the topic—who leaves in its wake a formless and nebulous cloud of polysemic extra (and I’m referring to the topic of phenomenology, the “I” that’s the seat of intentionality, company, expertise and instinct). I usually are likely to assume that each intercourse and disaster, very similar to timeless time, possess this disorganizing potential that may very well be directed towards the self-assuredness of human expertise—what we understand to primarily populate being. This is the reason I’m not going to faux to have the ability to zero in on the artwork object. I don’t know what the article is. Indeterminacy devastates teleology too. The article, clearly, isn’t for my use. I can solely make out a way of turning into, a sense of deferral by means of time that’s arbitrarily off-shot at nighttime. However, there’s a sense of eroticism in regards to the extra that survives the topic of phenomenology (the authority of which, particularly since Hegel, has dominated continental philosophy). The nebulous dissipation of the topic leaves room for a destructive indeterminacy. It’s by means of this indeterminate void that we could come to acknowledge an extra of issues—named and unnamed, previous and future—which have equal stakes in existence: a surfeit of expertise which might in any other case solely be misrepresented in non-poetic language.

Sem Lala

Taking part artists:
Sem Lala
Kyriakos Kyriakides
Pierre Bal-Blanc

at Sizzling Wheels Athens
till February 25, 2023

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