Sarah Rosengarten “Who’s there” at Schiefe Zähne, Berlin

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The joke about Bigfoot being really blurry, not simply its picture.

I had by no means actually considered “administration.” I assume, I assumed that it’s outlined by the character of exercise, allocating assets and overseeing procedures . . . However It will probably imply that the objects of administration don’t belong to you. In the intervening time, I’m utilizing the phrase wherever I can. I “administer.” Clearly, you’re allowed to personal one thing, however you additionally know what’s traumatic about it. Two years in the past I learn that you simply simply can’t take important distance. On the subject of non-public administration the try is essential, I feel. Solely to then perceive “important” in a thermodynamic approach, as the purpose the place totally different states of aggregation exist concurrently.

The pictures I’m displaying right here come out of a number of derivations of a press picture in a web-based article about well-liked performing methods.

The joke about escalators not with the ability to break.

at Schiefe Zähne, Berlin
till February 24, 2024

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