Rosa Aiello “Traffic” at Kevin Space, Vienna

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Aiello’s work attracts from movies, books, on-line databases and located objects to type a deeply private audio-visual repertoire, without delay intimate and alienating. She builds narratives by exploring elementary ambiguities—each the consolation and the oppression—of social and precise buildings, and the consequences of those buildings on expertise and subjectivity.
“Site visitors” poses Aiello as a eager witness, a voyeur and even an intruder, intentionally superimposing, dubbing, and filtering discovered materials via her gaze, physique, and thoughts, while dissolving boundaries: between topic and object of remark, between the artist’s and the viewer’s positions. “Site visitors,” nevertheless, exceeds Aiello‘s private universe by far, because the fleeting, mundane scenes, photos, or texts, are mined for his or her worth inside a bigger socio-economic cloth. Departing from seemingly disparate, but intertwined, narratives and areas, the set up finds mechanisms of translation and circulation which might be the results of linguistic, spatio-temporal, in addition to materials compressions.
A central factor of the set up is Yours Faithfully (2022), a video displaying incidental footage from a nook in Reinickendorf, Berlin. Together with her telephone digital camera, Aiello captured the visitors occurring on the intersection seen from her house. On high of the sounds of the road, the artist has dubbed the sound of her personal footsteps. On her studio ground, Aiello fastidiously and imperfectly restaged the gait and rhythm of every individual’s strolling, performing her home-made model of a foley soundtrack—a typical cinematic post-production method, the necessity for which rose with the elevated worldwide circulation of Hollywood motion pictures, as overdubbed voice tracks in a number of languages meant the following lack of some authentic sound results. The video is in dialogue with the architectural intervention that partitions the exhibition area into 4 sections—hovering above the bottom and leaving the decrease half open and thus the guests’ ft seen—the work incorporates the viewers’ presence and actions into its audio-visual, spatial expertise. The flattening of distinction and distance right here lays floor for the sonic coexistence and interlacing of many rhythms.
On this exhibition, visitors is implied past the motion of individuals and in direction of the trade of products and data transmitted over an financial system. The impact of globalized capitalism on language and notion lingers in eight collages of Yours Faithfully (case (Feste) Kiste), Yours Faithfully (We stay), Yours Faithfully (Please don’t), Yours Faithfully (Pricey Sirs), Yours Faithfully (panic each in), Yours Faithfully (Opponents’ merchandise cheaper), Yours Faithfully (Pricey Rolf) and Yours Faithfully (Pricey Mr. Helpful), (2022). On the discovered folder dividers, Aiello organized cut-outs of pages from an out of date GDR handbook for writing enterprise letters in English. The works heart the particularities of language—a variety of exchanges, expressions and tonalities—utilized to completely different events and urgencies for businessmen within the socialist German Democratic Republic (and thus the texts exist as hypothetical mediators between diverging socio-economic and political blocks). A few of the letters chosen by Aiello concentrate on the commerce of movie supplies and reminisce the altering nature of movie’s materiality and economic system, right here circling across the import of ORWO Movie sound detrimental movie inventory to India. The collages emanate the texts‘ nature as relics in an totally modified and accelerated world.
Pricey Sirs (2022) is {a photograph} shot by Aiello, once more from her Berlin house, from the exact same room from which the intersection footage was taken. Her voyeuristic look, intruding on the privateness of an unidentified, shirtless man, flirts with each empathy and dominance, and thus intensifies an uneasy consideration that runs via “Site visitors”, someplace between caring, claiming, and testimony.

at Kevin Area, Vienna
till January 28, 2023

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