Rosa Aiello, Niloufar Emamifar, Luzie Meyer “From my Window” at Sentiment, Zurich

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The huge concrete terrain is so easy. It’s only a single materials, a single coloration, predictable, useful, moldable. It fills my total visual view once I look in sure instructions, like a clean canvas paving the best way for the long run. It goes on and on like a relaxed day at sea, reflecting the solar, then reflecting the moon. A deep breath held in for lengthy sufficient can produce visions of dolphins leaping on the horizon. An exhale will then feed the forest within the distance and the dandelions that pop up via the cracks right here and there.

Something can develop into one thing else when donning a coat of abstraction made up of rogue elements and voids. Components faraway from their totally outlined types develop into adopted by default some other place. Their qualities are reevaluated relative to their new counterparts after which they’re put to work as machines to supply new which means. However the incessant quest for definition and objective is just snug exterior of those conceptual chop outlets, dismissing their poetic practices as irrelevant with the intention to stay targeted on the seek for the place that has eradicated ambiguity as soon as and for all. Wild vines cross the charted paths in a romantic dance that oscillates across the idea of certainty. Outdated factories work day and night time to create new frames to ease this exhausting journey and territories develop into functionalized one after the other. This ballet is a battle.

Mechanical philosophers proceed to encourage this odyssey in the direction of an imagined utopia of “figuring out,” however the mystics have identified all alongside that there isn’t a manner out of the forest. Their ideally suited thesis is a cement car parking zone, however that will get new weeds each spring. Their paradise is a concrete jungle with no gaps between the buildings or guides with lacking pages. Any second that invitations curiosity turns into a portal again to the middle of the darkish woods the place swan feathers climb bushes and develop into butterflies. Absolutely the absence of enchantment has been identified to trigger madness really. Our requirement simply is likely to be a actuality of infinite nuances and subtleties that would by no means be held lengthy sufficient to bind, the place a conclusion is fabricated from a skinny veil that dissolves at twice the speed it’s made. I imagine it was Duchamp who coined the time period “inframince” when analyzing frailty’s function in transformation. Newness enters on the weak factors.

Hybrids enter on the joints. You recognize, the factors of meeting between two issues that give us company to maneuver round, change instructions, pose, contort, embrace. You recognize, the issues that monoliths don’t have and might’t do. They are often discovered within the anatomy of an animal on the elbow, on a automotive on the hinge, within the rainforest as camouflage, in language as metaphor. The bending and mixing is each horrifying and engaging, as eternal because the vermin haunting the exterminator and as undervalued because the wildflowers plaguing our lawns. New junctions proliferate to wrap the planet like an internet of amorphous patois, leaving puzzles for the scientists to resolve and materials for the dreamers to dream.

at Sentiment, Zurich
till July 15, 2023

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