Reverie “Chimera” at Cassina Projects, Milan

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Displayed on the higher flooring of the gallery house the exhibition unveils the artist’s new physique of sculptural works which initiates her most up-to-date cycle Ritualità quotidiana. On the inaugural evening a one-time-only efficiency titled Primo rito quotidiano will likely be staged by the artist. A symbolic visible reenacting of delivery, a ritual gesture of momentary mutilation charged with sacred values, the performing act will result in the precise completion of the artworks on present.

Whereas the artist’s strategy to the medium has been devised for a very long time, for the event Reverie will likely be performing impromptu with out prior rehearsals.

With the exhibition which builds upon two years of sociological investigation and group research, Reverie unconsciously and ostentatiously places herself and her physique on the forefront and on the epicenter of her personal reflection. She envisions a brand new genderless “Chimera,” made of 1 physique whose organs, equipment and physique components are taken aside and singularly represented as artworks.

“Chimera,” referred to as a mythological creature, compounded of incongruous components belonging to completely different animals and endowed with supernatural powers and human intelligence, is for the artist the illustration of our collectivity, concurrently the epitome of individuality.

Nomen omen, an historical perception that future is in your title.
The expression can’t be extra acceptable for Reverie, a time period signifying the situation of abandonment to dream up.
Tautology: The phrase rêverie is usually utilized in Italian language of literary, creative, and musical criticism.
Fingers-on daydreamer who doesn’t settle for obstacles as limits, Reverie is herself the matter of her creative observe.
In a timeless situation of vulnerability and energy, the artist physique capabilities as a Porifera filtering with none concern stimuli from the environment and reverting again an amplified actuality.

Rituality is in Reverie’s life. The dear manners to tender herself to others, a rose, a poetry, her voice and her rhythmic phrases, the generosity, her clear fact, each second, gesture, and pose is for the sake of artwork.
The artist presence is magnetic and edgy on the similar time. Conversating along with her places the interlocutor in a timeless stage the place age distinction evaporates.

As she is the essence of her artwork, her being has the type of a steady efficiency—at instances conscious, at instances oblivious.

at Cassina Initiatives, Milan
till June 1, 2023

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