“PORTALS” at Soft Opening, London

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LambdaLambdaLambda hosted by Tender Opening within the framework of Apartment, London 2024.

The group-exhibition “PORTALS” unites artworks that beckon us to traverse from one actuality to a different, whether or not by way of a vortex, door, aperture, gap, mirror, or different means. Portals delineate thresholds and liminality, introducing contemporary prospects for existence not solely tied to non secular encounters but in addition rising by way of the very expertise of artworks, thereby influencing our notion of up to date life.

Considering portals evokes consciousness of an implied barrier, typically establishing a distinction between inside and out of doors, laden with connotations like recognized/unknown or sacred/profane. Heinz Frank and Vedran Kopljar’s works reveal numerous relationships between inside and out of doors, difficult these distinctions.

Portals have existed within the pure world, concentrated the place magnetic power converges—river banks, waterfalls, caves, timber, and mountain summits. Hunter Longe’s sculptures, resembling historic formations with embedded lights, transport us to unimaginably distant pasts.

Human conduct can even deliver forth portals; locations tied to intense feelings or experiences create a vortex or magnetic pull. This vortex, typically symbolized as a spiral vacuum, opens into subtler dimensions past the space-time continuum. Emile Rubino, Sharona Franklin, and Dardan Zhegrova discover varied aspects of this phenomenon of their works.

Mirrors function psychodynamically as portals, revealing inner realities that mirror exterior environment. They grant entry to elements in any other case unreachable, like one’s personal reflection. The ensuing photographs mimic and jest on the viewer’s self and instant context, sharing similarities and disparities with what they purpose to replicate which turns into obvious in Hanne Lippard’s works on view.

Collaborating artists:
Heinz Frank, Sharona Franklin, Vedran Kopljar, Hanne Lippard, Hunter Longe, Emile Rubino, Dardan Zhegrova.

at Tender Opening, London
till February 17, 2024

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