Peter Liversidge “Either / Or” at Kate MacGarry, London

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The exhibition contains a large-scale new work, a flotilla of boats, distinctive objects manufactured from discovered wooden collected throughout walks alongside the British shoreline. Introduced as an set up of lots of, delicate and complicated, they turn into a part of an epic complete.

9 ‘proposals’ begin the exhibition, a technique that Liversidge has pursued for 27 years. Every A4 proposal, typed on an Olivetti typewriter, describes an paintings developed through the analysis section of a venture, no matter the result.

A neon textual content work, as a thought, suggests a thought hanging within the air. As an invite for the viewer to finish, they’re a manifested information to considering and duality. Put in as a pair they’re a repeated, reoccurring thought.

A brand new sequence of small sculptures continues the exploration of repetition in “Both / Or.” An authentic discovered fragment is paired with a reproduction that Liversidge makes utilizing airdrying clay, mud and a number of layers of watercolour to realize an uncanny likeness to the discovered object. Comparable however not the identical, the discovered fragments are positioned alongside their doppelgänger in museum mounts asking to be in contrast, revealing the similarities and their variations. The sequence questions identification, notion of likeness and accessibility.

The ultimate work within the exhibition consists of two pictures of the identical view. Taken with no tripod or a lightweight meter with a rangefinder digital camera (the Fuji Fotorama) the second picture is taken minutes later than the primary. Whereas Liversidge waits, the sunshine shifts, revealing variations as time is bracketed; creating bookends to a brief time period.

at Kate MacGarry, London
till February 18, 2023

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