Patrick Price “A time and a place” at Gandt, New York

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“The pursed lips seize the sweet and launch it laboriously into the oral cavity, the place it’s lastly obtained by the tongue with expectant twists. Sweetness unfolds, opens out right into a small, flattering O, and has quickly remodeled the mouth right into a candy, stickily and greedily pulsating ball that absorbs increasingly because it expands. One is encircled oneself and in the end exists solely because the high-quality, ever tauter periphery of this ball of sweetness; one closes one’s eyes and at last implodes: taking over the traits of a ball oneself, one types one object with the world that has now develop into spherical in sweetness.

  We now discover ‘outer’ occasions operating in parallel with these ‘interior’ ones; the empty sweet wrapper is smoothed out increasingly till it’s a flat rectangle, which is then rolled across the finger to type a cylindrical tube and at last folded into ever smaller surfaces. And when the ball of sweetness begins to lose its stress, flattens out and falls aside, the paper between the fingers takes on more and more disordered and lumpy shapes; and when the sweetness types not more than a high-quality, weakening line of deprivation, it’s lastly pressed into a tough little ball and flicked with relish far into the gap.”

Friedrich W. Heubach

My ski vest has buttons like comfort retailer mirrors
They usually assist me see
That the whole lot on this room proper now
Is part of me, oh yeah
Is part of me

Silver Jews, “We’re actual”

at Gandt, New York
till July 30, 2023

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