Pan Daijing “Mute” at Haus der Kunst, Munich

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The live-exhibition by artist and composer Pan Daijing (b. 1991, Guiyang, China) encompasses choreography, architectural intervention, sound, and shifting photographs. Her largest solo exhibition to this point will manifest as an ever-evolving efficiency environ­ment. It invitations the viewers on a journey that spans all the Westgalerie and adjoining areas inside and outdoors the constructing.

Daijing’s works develop a symbiotic relationship with the areas wherein they unfold. At Haus der Kunst the artist creates a collection of installations that combine architectural components of the constructing, reroute the gaze, and open up unseen areas. In a choreography exploring stillness and liveness, a efficiency ensemble prompts a strategy of transformation. The durational performances all through the six weeks of the exhibition intention to distort oppositions, such because the notion of inside and outdoors, or decelerate the speed of time. Performers will use their our bodies to provide sound, climb constructions that attain the ceiling, and remodel the installations. The viewers is invited to immerse themselves, following or erasing traces left by the performers.

Curated by
Sarah Johanna Theurer with Lydia Antoniou

at Haus der Kunst, Munich
till April 14, 2024

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