“On the Nature of Things” at SULK, Chicago

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A standing inertia can’t soften its white, brazen coat when it solely thinks of stability. In truth, I think about inertia would grow to be much less porous and extra perilously vertical when it concludes to itself; ultimately, I’m balanced. Right here it declares, I do know hearth. When it has by no means been burned. I do know soil. When it has by no means damaged floor. I do know rain. When it has preserved itself in opposition to each storm. I do know breath. When it has not recognized its personal to quicken.

In time, the hardening totem grows a pair of bloated pupils to account for its immunity to paint, its imaginative and prescient is washed in brightness and it’s flooded by the surplus of essence, disadvantaged of kind.
It’ll look upon highly effective beacons and transformative indicators with harsh resentment because it feels from them solely the bitterness of blithe shock. With a thought it would tilt, but with a body so inflexible it is not going to fall and grow to be as conversant in the grime as it’s with the factor it faces. Ravenous and blinded by publicity to the great thing about how issues look, it can’t discover itself in integration with the intangible representations positioned earlier than it, these which emerged from the weather of the world. Hoarding fairly stains of violence, shadows of seduction, and traces of abrasion, with a view to devour, nonetheless it doesn’t encounter satiety within the slightest.

In the meantime a pile of fruit rots within the alley and the intertious factor which has discovered itself bloodlessly congealed, can scent it decompose.

Right here, one thing happens. It spits up bile and is aware of nausea, tracing its trigger.
Cracking its code it falls, dirtying clear partitions with erupting humoral paint. When its eyes regulate, an ecstasy is felt which doesn’t path off as does shock, in seeing the yellows, the reds and the blues which compelled themselves from cleanness. . . burning it, wetting it, soiling it, choking it.
Actually empty, it could now know starvation past restlessness. The possessing ambition to eat.
That intertious factor which stood for therefore lengthy searching for marvel in magnificence’s preservation, turns into conscious magnificence exists in surplus as a power which transgresses the atrophy of any physique.
The white brazen coat effortlessly slips aside because the factor which as soon as stood, now dances, swallowing candy fruit and permitting the colour to vary inside itself. It finds the type of stability
—Eden Jolie

Partecipating artists:
Christina Ballantyne, Max Capus, Charlie Goering, Ziad Al Najjar, Ben Quinn, Madeline Seto and Nicolette Lim.

at SULK, Chicago
till Could 20, 2023

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