Nicolas Grenier “Esquisses d’un inventaire” at Bradley Ertaskiran, Montréal

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Haunted by the anticipation of an more and more unpredictable future, Nicolas Grenier’s latest physique of labor reads as metaphysical landscapes that look at the bounds of actuality. Knowledgeable by the notice of a progressively quantified existence, Grenier’s visible language depends on each dependency and interference of knowledge classification methods. By a collection of drawings and work in various dimensions, the works emerge from the horizon whose view is obstructed by spatial intervention.

Central to the exhibition is Grenier’s rendition of the world map. In contrast to the acquainted Mercator projection with disproportionate landmasses, Grenier’s model shifts and alters topographical scales extra brazenly. Spanning throughout 18 ft and devoid of borders, the reimagined strategy of territorial mapping not directly addresses the bias embedded in extractive networks of nationalism and coloniality. Drawn from an angled and aerial perspective—whereas nonetheless embodying a top-down energy construction—some areas had been resized in relative proximity to extra particular areas depicted from true satellite tv for pc distance. As he consists of identifiable landmarks and passing clouds, Grenier performs on the ever-changing nature of taking a look at, and being in, the world.

Along with scale, the expertise of time can also be addressed in Grenier’s drawings. Primarily working with charcoal, Grenier’s architectural and iconographical components are set in opposition to the backdrop of a mystical panorama. Monumental constructions and acquainted objects seem smaller in opposition to the heavenly high quality of Grenier’s mountainous terrain and huge skies. If icons stand as proof of a selected period, the combination of temporal identities—embedded in every drawing—dissolves the importance of our materials world. Additional guided by shifting views, his drawings enable for an illusionary pull that provides to the corporeal weight of the exhibition.

Juxtaposing the enormity of his extra figurative drawings, Grenier additionally consists of vibrant work in conserving previous painted works. By quite a lot of miniature and bigger work, he demonstrates mastery over color and dimension by enjoying with tone. Seamlessly transitioning between impartial and vibrant colors, the works are harking back to dreamscapes that contribute to an imagery of concealment. In catastrophizing the dimensions of pictures chosen via knowledge assortment and materials hybridity, the exhibition alludes to a rhetoric of eternity that invitations us to face in opposition to the sting of a considerable abyss.
Vania Djelani

at Bradley Ertaskiran, Montréal
till April 22, 2023

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