New releases: Frank Lloyd Wright: Timeless

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Spoke Art is excited to share two all new releases from our ongoing Frank Lloyd Wright: Timeless exhibition. A gorgeous letterpress edition featuring the “Guggenheim” from French-artist Thomas Danthony and a wonderful new 3-D reel from Max Dalton for his nostalgia inducing View-Max-Ter.

Thomas had this to say about the inspiration behind his letterpress, “The print was inspired by the first time I visited New York, I remember being surprised by the size of the Guggenheim building as it looked way smaller than I imagined. Far from being disappointing it gave it a more human sense of space and a rupture from the vertical direction of the rest of the city which can feel oppressive at street level. This print depicts that first contact with the building which design revolutionized the way to present Art…”

Both releases will be available Friday, March 4th at 10am PT exclusively at Sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of our homepage and/or for our SMS on sale announcement messaging service here.

Thomas Danthony Guggenheim letterpress with car at bottom and streetlight on right with blueish purple background

Max Dalton View-Max-Ter 3-D viewer with Frank Lloyd Wright reel
Close up view of Max Dalton View-Max-Ter 3-D reel featuring Frank Lloyd Wright

 Composite image of frames from Max Dalton's Frank Lloyd Wright View-Max-Ter reel

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