Miranda Fengyuan Zhang “Thus to sleep is sweeter than to wake” at Mendes Wood DM, Brussels

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The exhibition incorporates a new group of Zhang’s hand-woven work in addition to an set up made with a reappropriated Nineteenth century French divider. Zhang typically makes use of the formal observe of weaving to create a spatial narrative of her most intimate recollections. “Thus to sleep is sweeter than to wake” interrogates the luring sensation of goals, providing a passage to an imaginary realm.

Floating Home windows, the centerpiece of the present, is an vintage three-fold divider which serves because the framework for a collection of woven work. Originated in China (4th century BC) as a tool to protect from the wind, the display divider regularly unfold to the remainder of the world and to at the present time has grow to be a extra decorative object. Zhang contemplates each the article’s change of id in addition to the lack of its authentic operate and, by extension, questions its cultural and historic raison d’être. To Zhang, the divider turns into a symbolized entity that each invitations and refuses to be learn. In Zhang’s woven work, the recurring window motif is rotated, translated, and expanded because it interacts with the underlying cartesian strips. This divider display turns into a prelude to a lucid dream.

Home windows, passages, entrances, and openings are the recurring topics of the exhibition, main guests to the realm of the potential, of what may need been, of another trajectory, a dreamscape. Zhang’s work alludes to the great thing about this liminal state, converging in spirit with the previous Chinese language idiom 镜花水月, jing hua shui yue, which interprets to “flowers within the mirror and the moon within the water,” symbols of unattainable fantasies that produce profound longings but additionally consciousness of the gap between phantasm and actuality.

Because the Nineteenth-century English author Christina Rossetti says in her poem I Dream of You to Wake, typically goals will be an antidote to actuality. The present invitations viewers to gaze by means of “home windows inside home windows,” to dream the undreamable, “thus to sleep is sweeter than to wake.”

at Mendes Wooden DM, Brussels
till October 8, 2022

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