Michael Kleine “in der Blumenhalle” at Bonner Kunstverein

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Michael Kleine “in der Blumenhalle” emerges from long-running work and collaborations with the artist. On this iteration, the format is that of the solo present. In a mirrored image on exhibition making as type, there’s a cautious consideration of the filling and emptying of area and content material and what this does to the visiting individual held on this situation.

The Kunstverein is approached as a public area hosted in a purpose-built industrial flower market—an area to be inhabited. Additionally it is approached as an outsized sculpture the place concerns of physique—the physique of the viewers, of the artist, and of the objects themselves—are central negotiations.

Inside Michael Kleine “in der Blumenhalle,” objects are uprooted from their authentic realities and use by means of a collection of framing units. Of their new containers, they’re nonetheless a part of their former lives ‘on the market’ as theatre props, natural matter, and located objects, while additionally being integral parts of 1 complete work.

at Bonner Kunstverein
till February 25, 2024

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