Mathis Pfäffli “Floor is Lava” at Kunstmuseum Luzern

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During the game “Floor is Lava” it is not allowed to touch the floor, so players have to move around by climbing on items of furniture or playground equipment. Mathis Pfäffli calls his exhibition “Floor is Lava” because he is interested, among other things, in how the rules of a game take effect and force players to take alternative actions. For his sculptures and installations he uses found items from nature and industry which he re-combines and re-purposes. Like his quasi surrealistic drawings, they deal with landscape, growth and decay. For this purpose, the artist plays with existing world images, our language and our surroundings. In the exhibition an extensive new series of drawings and objects prompts us to treat the conventions of everyday life in a pleasing and playful way.

at Kunstmuseum Luzern
until September 4, 2022

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