Marie Matusz “Lonely Daters” at Clima, Milan

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“Lonely Daters” merges a bunch of sculptures and spatial interventions into an emotive setting, layering surfaces and potential readings of objects via their positioning in area. The refusal of a easy figuration, of object-equals-meaning, gives a special potential technique of understanding, opening the sculptures to being scrutinised from their surfaces via to their cores, from expertise and that means to reference, thereby detangling the conjectured strategy of “signification.”

We begin from the bottom. Coated with slate tiles, it’s unsettled with each step. Stability, shingles slipping away from beneath your ft. Mats product of felted human hair evoke the sense of seeing clumps of 1’s personal hair within the bathe drain. Hourglass-shaped hand blown glass sculptures mirror the room and the viewer, mirror and Vanitas. No sand runs via them—it’s as if the auxiliary operate of the set up is to make apparent how our sensual equipment is now up and working, working accurately, repeatedly associating. The surfaces of the various objects hanging from the partitions of the gallery have been handled, handled, scratched, and uncovered to daylight, invoking the comb because the agent of existence—I, you, one thing was right here.

If the glass vitrines now on show at “Fall” at Istituto Svizzero, Milan, are enclosing Marie Matusz’s sculptures thereby decreasing their visibility, then this exhibition performs a reverse train. Right here, surfaces are uncovered, body and framed switching locations. The encased objects at Istituto Svizzero function as potentials—an merchandise of furnishings, a stage, a instrument. Then again, the works right here present what may need been as soon as there, and what has since gone lacking—a possible ex-negativo, an emptied area. (I knew the place you had left it till I went on the lookout for it.)

Performing this emptying out the expertise of the exhibition may give option to a extra affective layer of notion: as “that means is,” in response to Franco Bifo Beradi, “not a presence, however an expertise”—ideally one shared, the surface wanting in and the within looking, like strolling in another person’s sneakers.

at Clima, Milan
till November 15, 2022

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