Marie Lelouche “Unforeseen Spaces” at Galleria Alberta Pane, Venice

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within the evolution of varieties of their technical and cultural context, Marie Lelouche works by a multidisciplinary method and with a deal with remix practices.
On this solo exhibition the artist presents each new works conceived for the gallery area in Venice and works belonging to 2 pre-existing sequence (Did not Synchronize and Out of Areas), created throughout two artist residencies, respectively at Fabbrica Alta in Schio (Italy) in 2019 and at Les Tanneries – Centre d’artwork contemporain (Amilly, France) in 2021.
These installations have a powerful reference to the territory, the structure and the constructing by which they had been conceived and created. The artist readapts them to the area in an effort to weave a dialogue with the Venice gallery that homes them.
The area turns into dichotomous: without delay actual and digital, inside and exterior, inhabited by tangible and intangible, summary and figurative varieties.
Certainly, the summary motifs that beautify the sculptures and carpet in Did not Synchronize have a well-known but ungraspable look; they evoke the impossibility of the reminiscence to reconstruct the previous, in addition to the fleetingness of layering recollections.
A music created by the artist additionally accompanies the work and supply guests with a multi-sensory expertise, between individuality and universality.
The works within the Out of Areas sequence, alternatively, play on the ideas of the French phrases espèce (species) and espaces (out of doors and indoor areas). The artist is fascinated by birds, creatures able to filling the locations they inhabit by the sounds they emit and that function reminders for human beings of the passing of time.
Marie Lelouche has subsequently developed installations composed of picket varieties which can be solely apparently summary, which really make references to wing buildings, cages, prostheses, prototypes; she then accompanies them with pictures printed on cloth with patterns that recall the fowl plumage. Integral to the work is a digital actuality helmet that enables for an immersive expertise by pictures and sounds, the latter reproduced in actual time and consisting of fowl cries from the Tanneries Park (Amilly, France), the place the artist has put in a microphone. The customer is thereby given the chance to have a perceptual and sensory expertise, without delay inside and out of doors the area, in a steady means of localization and de-centralization.

In “Unexpected Areas,” introduced concurrently with the 18th version of the Venice Structure Biennale, the artist thus seeks to interact the viewers in an expertise that, because of augmented actuality gadgets, turns into multi-sensory: contact, sight, and listening to are all stimulated, making the expertise dichotomous and immersive.

at Galleria Alberta Pane, Venice
till November 11, 2023

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