Marie Angeletti “ram spin cram” at Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne

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Decisively articulated, every ingredient—sculpture, images, and video—receives equal consideration. “ram spin cram” doesn’t start in the primary gallery nor ends within the final room upstairs, it’s all there directly. Every room might be learn as a sequence of motion amassed over time. The principle gallery exhibits work made inside the final two months. Within the cinema, within the upstairs and basement gallery areas, Angeletti has rearranged works from an unspecified time period.

Some I made final month, some I’ve collected and carried with me for some time. Each motion precedes one other—no middle. I didn’t select a lot. To a sure diploma, I don’t suppose we ever do. An involuntary reminiscence. Possibly a routine succession in the identical approach that the person is a succession. Bringing all of them right here, means to regroup the power. Regroup the power = silver. When gentle touches it, it dazzles. Dizzle is a mixture of dizzy and dazzle. Succession of various phases of lifetime of habits of want of power. Motion of the lots, gravity. Excessive motion of want. Excessive situation of want. Arc: precept of the superior.

The concomitant actions of notion are disorganized. RAM and SPIN on the identical time. The mechanical energy of the engine is within the RAM and the SPIN.

Assist buildings = organs, thoughts/physique, equipment of want, the sexual urge Behavior = ease, facility, energy, grace, habit, mechanic repetition
Or solely joyful discoveries depend. In case you are not making them you aren’t transferring.
What’s our pleased conclusion? It’s that we have now loads of power and we take pleasure in motion.

J’sais pas quoi faire? Qu’est ce que je peux faire? J’sais pas quoi faire? Qu’est ce que je peux faire? (with singing tone)

at Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne
till July 2, 2023

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