Marco Bruzzone “GLUB CLUB (An Underwater Turmoil)” at Entrée, Bergen

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Throughout the summer an underwater protest is silently taking place in the water of the sea around Bergen. It is meant to be experienced privately, in an immersive moment of resistance in the commodity exchange, away from everyday social pollution. It offers instead a place for meditation and healing where one can confront the self and the abyss or the abyss in the self. In this place overwhelmed by nature, humans are dethroned and brought to a subordinate role. The self-centred anthropocentrism of ordinary dialectics is here rather subverted, and gives space for a weightless contemplation.

Locations for the work whilst submerged in the sea have been outside Ubåt Press in Laksevåg, Bergen Architect School and Norway Fisheries Museum in Sandviken.

at Entrée, Bergen
until August 28, 2022

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