Lucy Beech “Warm Decembers” at Kunstverein Gartenhaus, Vienna

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Heat Decembers by artist filmmaker Lucy Beech, is a part of a sequence of works that discover relationships between waste, creativity and transformation. The movie reimagines a poetic verse novel written by Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick (1950-2009), which took 9 years to finish, and was described as recording a “disaster in writing.” Borrowing and experimenting with the poem’s discordant flows the movie is a continuing interaction between language, music and imagery, the place representations of boundaries between states of being are continuously collapsing. Sedgwick described the poem as a gathering of thresholds: “between an individual alive and lifeless; an individual and {a photograph}; a gift and a previous; a baby and grownup; folks with the identical title; a occurring and the dream of it; a author and a personality; an I and a she or a he.” This conjuring of transgressive states within the poem creates an experimental house to replicate on psychoanalytic concepts, about childish expertise and inside and outer worlds. On the finish of the poem Sedgwick initially included her notes, which she was unable to combine, however unwilling to eliminate. By publishing her discarded fragments Sedgwick preserves her poetical stays as waste; serving up the leftovers of the poem’s development and promoting the revisions and erasures which have made it. Taking these notes as an invite for creative interpretation the movie explores the methods during which our bodies, identities and inventive works survive their very own destruction.

Heat Decembers facilities round one of many poem’s facet characters Beatrix, who’s remodeled into the movie’s protagonist. Orphaned as a baby and now transitioning into maturity, she works to barter the affect of her absent dad and mom and her personal sense of subjecthood. Shot in a doll-house-like set, her room is a passage between inside and out of doors the place her grief manifests as a debilitating bladder situation which causes her to expertise hallucinations. Though not physiologically equivalent with what Sedgwick known as ‘anality,’ Beatrixs hassle with urination is a matter that stems from the ‘anal stage’ of her psychosexual growth. The prohibitions and taboos surrounding defecation and urination are a reminder that the forces governing Beatrix’s choices are exterior, social and cultural. All through the movie she negotiates her wishes, in addition to what the outer world needs for (or from) her, which, she experiences as a deep and virtually unresolvable battle. In distinction Beatrix’s creativity is linked to her management and capability to launch one thing of herself into the world on her personal phrases. Creativity and digestion are synonymous for Beatrix’s and Sedwick takes her creative output severely.

at Kunstverein Gartenhaus, Vienna
till January 14, 2023

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