Karrabing Film Collective “Wonderland” at Haus der Kunst, Munich

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“Wonderland” contains all of Karrabing’s main movies, offering an perception into the collective’s multi-layered working strategies and new types of collective, indigenous company. The grassroots movie and humanities group was based in 2007 and deploys their collectively produced movies and installations as a type of Indigenous resistance and self-organisation. Karrabing includes roughly thirty members from completely different gener­ations, most of whom reside within the Belyuen Group in Australia’s Northern Territory. Typically described as “improvisational realism,” the movies search to open up an area past binaries of the fictional and the documentary, or the previous and the current.

Over the previous decade, Karrabing have created an ingenious, sudden and deeply ironic cinematic language that has already made a reputation for itself on this planet of movie and visible artwork. Karrabing members talk to 1 one other in a type of creole distinctive to the area, typically supplementing this with varied soundbites and media clips whose lin­guistic registers embody every part from Acquired Pronunciation to Australian colloquialisms. This particular curiosity within the use and manipulation of sound and language will in flip set up a connection to the continuing sound and music programme TUNE, in addition to to the exhibitions of Katalin Ladik and Meredith Monk that will probably be on show from March and November 2023.

The exhibition opens outwards into a number of codecs, together with a multimedia room that permits for the general public to delve deeper into the social, political and cultural again­grounds that form the Collective’s observe. Moreover, there will probably be a complete Reader providing a myriad of entry-points to Karrabing’s observe. These not solely concern the dynamics between First Nations and colonial-settler Australians, but in addition communicate to common considerations affecting the connection between human and non-human life kinds, in addition to the upkeep and care of the land and of the earth’s different eco-systems. Thus, the exhibition additionally sits in dialogue with Joan Jonas’ exhibition and her a long time’ lengthy dedication to putting the non-human on the centre of her creative observe.

“Wonderland” takes place in Haus der Kunst’s LSK Gallery—which as soon as served because the constructing’s air raid shelter—and builds upon a line that was initiated by the latest exhibition of Tony Cokes, during which probably the most traditionally charged areas throughout the museum are given over to initiatives that critically interrogate the making of histories. Enacting a deliberate friction with the historical past of the constructing, the exhibition thus critically interrogates the ideas of illustration, belonging and cultural reminiscence, introducing audiences to a collaborative, imbricated mannequin of togetherness primarily based upon dynamic interactions and inventive exchanges.

at Haus der Kunst, Munich
till July 30, 2023

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