Julian-Jakob Kneer “BASTARDS (NEVERLAND)” at Shore Gallery, Vienna

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“BASTARDS (NEVERLAND)” is the second solo exhibition by Julian-Jakob Kneer at Shore Gallery. The artist is premiering a brand new sequence of wall works, drawing on themes established all through his observe.

Seven monochrome printed silver mirrors are framed in galvanized aluminum and hung in a easy grid. Each includes a layered collage of three seemingly random film titles.

Below the polished surfaces, “BASTARDS (NEVERLAND)” thus proves a murky basin of popular culture references that’s nearly too laden with affiliation to wade by way of comfy.
By way of crossbreeding ready-made opposing narratives, Kneer’s “BASTARDS” riff on themes of morality and the narcissistic self. Within the reflection of the shimmering muck, stars are born, identities are misplaced, witches are burned by barbies, and ecstasy seamlessly blends into terror.

Sifting up to date zeitgeist artifacts by way of the lens of historic lore, and inexorably returning to the foundational ideas of human psychology, Kneer’s work digs up the foundations of supposed socio-cultural binaries and confronts our conceptions of proper/fallacious, stunning/ugly, low/excessive tradition. The artist breaks them down into their constituent components, and releases them for recasting in a value-free area.

This exhibition marks the primary chapter of “BASTARDS,” with upcoming shows in Berlin, New York, Zurich and Milan.

Nele Ruckelshausen

at Shore Gallery, Vienna
till March 4, 2023

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