Josefine Reisch “Pseudo” at Gauli Zitter, Brussels

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For this exhibition, Josefine Reisch has put in a museum storage construction to current new work centered across the thought of pretense—issues that aren’t what they’re presupposed to be. Womanliness, ostentation and opportunism in these works inform tales of sham: ornamental materials depicting costumes and jeweled headpieces from the historical past of theater and movie (Liz Taylor and Sarah Bernhardt amongst different characters), and politics (former German battle minister, now EU president Ursula von der Leyen). Feminine illustration turns into archetypal for assumption.

A golden canvas delves into pretense and artwork historical past, evoking what lies round and behind The Loss of life of Marat by French artist Jacques-Louis David. The nineteenth century portray and occasion of European official heritage, housed within the Royal Museums in Brussels close to the gallery, hides the feminine assassin of Marat. The luxurious image body options what surrounds this historic image but additionally hints on the artist’s fame: David himself is an instance of an artist whose repeated modifications of political beliefs and sides evoke questions on the integrity of his work and those who have purportedly celebrated it all through the centuries.

at Gauli Zitter, Brussels
till June 1, 2024

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