Josefine Reisch “Dowry” at Galerie Noah Klink, Berlin

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Josefine works in a dissecting type that interweaves contradictory motifs. In “Dowry,” Josefine juxtaposes indicators of royalism and socialism, pomp and pretence, glory and failure. It’s an exploration of fabric and superstar tradition.

The manufacturing of high-quality damask has been a dominant commerce in southern Saxony because the seventeenth century. Starting as status items for European royal courts, the commerce survived nationalisation within the GDR and remains to be current within the area at the moment. On collaged tablecloths from these manufactories, Josefine paints logos of GDR international trade companies and diamond tiaras worn by Princess Diana at public appearances. Small-format work in golden tones present fields of obvious opposites. The motifs are united by the glitz and glamour of gold paint, false gold leaf and gold mud.

It’s the capability of portray and its floor to be a simultaneity of various narratives that Josefine makes use of to create a rupture within the studying of a popularized motif. Her work refuse a transparent studying and invite the viewer to query their worth and validation.

at Galerie Noah Klink, Berlin
till June 6, 2023

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