Jordan Strafer “No Spank” at Hot Wheels Athens London

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When you go by thoughts, as an alternative of by sea,
Sally, you’ll not want lotion or a towel.
You may simply sit on flat sand and paddle together with your fingers
In buckets of wash-water. Squeeze out what’s keen
To go. Ponder the sensations whereas your mom
Slowly loses hope of your return.

A feminine runaway all the time turns her face round to point out a complete particular person hanging
From area with eyes open and darkly crayoned flaps for lips.
She is central. She appears to ask: when she walks.
Have been we caught up or simply sickly.
You may’t escape after you have been born. You at the moment are everlasting irrespective of
in what carnation. Everlasting means eternally. Repeating self after self
white as bones and just a few understanding they are going to by no means be freed from existence as soon as
they’re in it. They know they’re unhappy, obedient, all the time the identical one which they are going to by no means
be once more. Be buried by rubble after a bombing and they’re going to nonetheless be imprisoned by
their nerves. So it’s with freedom. A paradox.

There may be the ocean once more and a white iceberg, or island in a mist.
And a hand flailing at her bottom the place the cash slide.

—Fanny Howe

at Hot Wheels Athens London
till April 6, 2024

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