Jieun Lim “Vapor” at ERMES ERMES, Rome

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Do it for the story,
My childhood good friend Mia at all times stated.

She modified her names and her hair colours,
And swapped her good friend teams just like the seasons.
She fueled rumors additional in the event that they got here her approach.
Every second was a chance to elaborate a pipe dream;
A special future.

Gossip was rendered as info, and historical past as rumour.
Information turned pungent myths,
Unlicensed vestiges
Photos had been proofs of at all times disputable info.

By that she created her world
One comprised of dramatized souvenirs,
Actually, “occurrences to the thoughts.”
Every object an opportunity to comprise a unique time and area.
Trinkets from different realities whose provenance had been all however misplaced.

I, like Mia, am very wealthy with artifacts, and I acquire them, obsessively.
Miniatures, devices, spiritual collectible figurines
Marking unhappened weddings in different nations.
The purpose isn’t their veracity however their presence

I like them as concretized reminiscences even when they more and more mystify me.
Each time I contact them,
Or hearken to their tales
I lose my approach
in a vapor of relics.

I ought to like to finish my days surrounded by my issues,
As a collector of narrative.
Maybe, when strangers discover me,
Tales will movement from their cracked veneers.

—Jeppe Ugelvig, 2023

till November 11, 2023

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