Jenna Sutela “HMO Nutrix” at Haus der Kunst, Munich

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Jenna Sutela works with organic and computational programs, together with the human microbiome and synthetic neural networks to create sculptures, movies and music. Drawing on cutting-edge scientific analysis and its philosophical implications, Sutela’s work is usually processual in nature. In her tasks, wetware—a time period used to contemplate natural matter via the lens of computing—{hardware} and software program, are used to discover the world past human notion. “HMO Nutrix,” 2022 is a fountain of artificial human milk, powered by breast pumps and additional animated with biomimetic throat singing. The artist describes the sculpture as a “dwell milk feed.” The work meditates on suggestions mechanisms between human and non-human life types bonding via physique fluids. The fluid within the sculpture consists of Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs), potent sugars present in breastmilk that feed infants’ intestine micro organism and appear to form the event of their nervous programs. Within the close to future, the mind-altering results of HMOs could also be used for bacterial therapies, and when human milk could be grown in a lab, anybody can entry the breast-gut-brain axis.

In contemplating breastfeeding and the way our symbiotic microbial tradition expands the boundaries of consciousness, Sutela depicts human our bodies as interconnected, interdependent environments via which different organisms and vitamins can transfer. The artist, due to this fact, suggests a common commonality amongst and between species.

at Haus der Kunst, Munich
till August 29, 2022

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