Henrik Olesen “WALLS” at Galleria Franco Noero

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This exhibition was chosen as a part of Turin Oomph / Rome Oomph, a roundup of the very best exhibits in these cities throughout November 2022.

Henrik Olesen’s artworks usually include a wide range of references to homosexual subculture and gay historical past. He makes use of data within the type of textual content, pictures and different supplies at hand to deal with relations of energy and social norms. He usually focuses on ideas of classes and hierarchies with a view to suggest attainable methods of their re-arrangement and deconstruction. It was once like this; it’s now not the case. 

The brand new works on canvas and masonite panels mix varieties of colourful and darkish liquids, thickening brokers and sticky varnishes. On some surfaces, the plasticity of the oil colour mediums are mixed with glued-on prints on translusant movie and paper, in addition to handwritten textual content on masking tape, and spray-painted plugboards. Different surfaces are sanded down once more and overpainted. 

The works the picures the digestive system of the physique, inside a wide range of motives of organs, such because the gut, abdomen, liver, and kidney.
A recurring motif of intestines was taken from Jean Fautrier’s L’Homme ouvert,1923. 

2 new doorways have been minimize into the partitions, displaying the insides of the structure. 

at Galleria Franco Noero, Turin
till February 19, 2023

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