“Federica Perazzoli and Daniele Innamorato” at Viasaterna, Milan

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“Federica Perazzoli and Daniele Innamorato” is the primary double solo present of Federica Perazzoli (Switzerland, 1966) and Daniele Innamorato (Milan, 1969), artists already represented by the gallery as a collective underneath the title KINGS. In distinction to their four-handed work, the 2 artists are invited right here to exhibit their most up-to-date pictorial manufacturing individually, consisting of each small and enormous work on canvas and paper.

For greater than twenty years, every of the 2 artists has produced numerous works in the identical Milan studio. In an try to carry collectively two fairly reverse approaches to artwork, in a steady conflict/encounter, this exhibition tells of a deep ardour for portray that has always run alongside all the opposite types of expression Perazzoli and Innamorato have experimented with over time.

For greater than twenty years, Federica Perazzoli and Daniele Innamorato have shared a studio, and each have that barely obsessive inclination that longs for nothing greater than to pursue the actions they’ve at all times carried out. Federica and Daniele are in the beginning two painters, and such exercise in query has due to this fact led to a always wealthy crop of work, all apparently pushed by the identical want: the urge for an outlet, an expressive impulse. Quick and emotionally pushed work, temper work and due to this fact ones usually different in approach and never a lot inclined in the direction of figural thought, however somewhat to the workings of the sensations underpinning such drives themselves.

It might be stated that Federica seeks out the locations the place one sensation or one other lie in hiding. Federica conjures up landscapes, and this additionally means conjuring up a means to take a look at it, a sentimental stance from which to know it. If there could be no panorama with out figures, it’s as a result of in the end there isn’t any panorama with out observers, and that is maybe why all of Federica’s scenes function a feminine determine. Beneath the sketch of a tree, within the midst of the sketch of a swirling sky or perched on a blurry cliff, mendacity within the blue or curling up in a garnet crimson, plunging into turquoise or rising up towards saffron. The whole lot in Perazzoli’s panorama could also be traversed and explored as a result of every thing appears to be of the identical consistency and endowed with the identical vocation. Landscapes as comfortable as cottonwool stand out towards lysergic sunsets, the place every thing blends within the presence of the figures who observe it and stroll alongside its traces—the one ones to not get carried away within the ripple of color of a panorama so mild as to be cloudlike, thus giving the impression of a spot that’s nothing greater than one thing—a suspended second or a distorted reminiscence. Therefore, cliffs, dips, waterfalls or shrubs are all not precise shapes however sketches of one thing eternally on the verge of dissolving, of unravelling on all sides. Clouds gushing into sensible blues, rocks fraying into vaporous volumes. Whereas the consistency has a fragile flavour, the vocation is, in brief, one in every of scattering: of the chance that every thing could get misplaced amid others. Federica’s portray follow is one which seeks out mild and pleased sensations, those who lie on the tip of respiration, halfway between restraint and abandonment. To separate with out making distinct: this appears to be the trouble made with such delicacy in Perazzoli’s work, and which in flip remembers the mechanisms of reminiscence and recollection: juxtaposing pictures with moods and vice versa, at the price of conjuring them up, and earlier than they return to the perennial chaos of issues.

Daniele, then again, approaches the canvas following solely these processes of an instinctual nature. In different phrases, what is perhaps stated to be “from the intestine” right here takes the higher hand, rejecting pictures, figures and constructions as all premeditated acts, hardly conducive to discovery. However, the mere reality of selecting any of those signifies in itself that one already is aware of an excessive amount of. Nobody has the facility to decide on how issues might be. Though it’s inevitable that at the least one in every of these is required to initially method an expressive follow—be it portray, music or writing—it’s by no means on condition that it should stay so. What issues to Daniele is one thing else: the impulse that has decreed the emergence of sure pictures and figures, that evokes one determine or one other, after which its pursuit. Each good artist is in the beginning a superb hunter, and like each good hunter, he traces the unsure procedures of sensations, progressively adjusting on the premise of his intestine response. Intestine, certainly. The whole lot right here is intestine, a metonymic organ by which the animalistic aspect emerges par excellence: the animal–youngster who’s all animals collectively, legitimised by the refusal of the grownup know-it-all to invent and do no matter he needs. In opposition to those that say {that a} portray, a sculpture or a picture (in brief, an aesthetic aspect), should essentially “make sense,” right here we see somewhat that what counts shouldn’t be at all times the sense itself. That there’s a sense of which means and a way of sensation, that which means is the truth is the abstraction of a sensation, and that portray is in the beginning an train in athleticism, within the apprehension of sensitivity earlier than that of which means—a problem that Innamorato likes to precise on this means: “My work doesn’t imply shit.” A proposition that will startle solely these all too accustomed to premeditation, to taking with no consideration {that a} composition or a determine should “make sense,” mistaking which means for kinds and figures, for what could also be recognised and thus already identified.
Seen from a perspective that goes past the manufacturing of content material—all too insistently thought of in modern artwork—approaches to portray like this aren’t so not like these of different approaches: they’re expressive workout routines, devoted to intensifying a sensation with intention (and thus the luggage of “issues” that make up the world), to being exhibited and being seen.

—Piergiorgio Caserini

at Viasaterna, Milan
till December 22, 2023

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