Emanuele Marcuccio “Dream pop” at Lodos, Mexico City

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This exhibition is a container paying homage to an undermined dwelling house inside a pretend theatrical set. A scene the place props and set parts are sculptures.

The sculptures surrounded by the images immediate a private narrative. Within the photographs we see a younger man wandering in a kitchen, first alone, then in dialog with a gaggle of individuals. What’s happening is a thriller. He seems pensive and discombobulated. Maybe he has simply woken up. Maybe he’s in an altered state. Actuality and fantasy overlap. In one of many pictures the younger man seems to be in a trance. A glow may appear to be a premonition. Maybe an answer. This story actually has one thing autobiographical, the environments photographed are in my household’s seashore home.

Self-knowledge by storytelling is an effective coaching floor for an individual who has to seek for new meanings. It’s well-known of the potential of self-narrative as a device for use in psychosocial rehabilitation packages. One tells one’s story to attempt to perceive its that means.

Is the exhibition a unbelievable development of the house we see in pictures? Or fairly a stereoscopic show combining parts and topics providing the viewer a brand new three-dimensional expertise to untangle?

I wish to think about a “Dream pop” soundtrack to this disturbed narrative. A music thick with sonic layering of hazy guitars and murmured vocals, typically fully muddled in a wall of noise. I believe I share with that music scene the restlessness and faulty socio-political situations. I, like “Dream pop” artists, usually want an virtually hallucinatory scenario to actuality.

In these hallucinations of mine I see comets sleeping inside steel bins. It isn’t necessary to know why. Every object has its personal that means that usually modifications and it’s not the identical for everybody.

I pair these fantastical sculptures with the blurry photos seen in dream pop music movies. Distorted guitars and looping synthesizers. I wish to pause in that state of confusion, the place music lyrics aren’t understood. This sense of malaise is unquestionably a situation justified by my habits and my instances.

Emanuele Marcuccio

at Lodos, Mexico Metropolis
till October 15, 2022

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