Catello Gragnaniello | How Human Are We?

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About Catello Gragnaniello aka Cateloo

Catello Gragnaniello, aka Catelloo, is a 3D and NFT artist from Naples, Italy. A scholar of the Naples’ Academy of Positive Arts, Gragnaniello grew up through the rising years of the web and the evolution of laptop and tech artwork instruments. With time, his ardour for science-fiction and know-how merged along with his residence metropolis’s distinctive view of artwork and life-style. 

Inventive Investigations

His artwork investigates probably the most highly effective human emotions, corresponding to love and loss. Catello’s characters are often faceless, a alternative to indicate how a person’s look can’t inform a narrative as a lot as different options corresponding to lighting, posture, form, and colour. This manner, his humanoid figures could appear like fashions for a tech-digital experiment. Certainly, a everlasting leitmotiv of his works depends upon the query: How human are we? 

By inspecting subjects of this depth, Catello represents each the utopic and the dystopic notion, leaving the viewer freed from interpretation. His artwork is an aesthetic manifestation of human emotions, moved by the day-to-day of his life; that is likely to be a chat or a melody, at all times one thing that prompts him, and, by means of this articulation of the non-human, we get to see the human. His humanoids stay in an ethereal area with no time to focus on his dilemma of belonging or to not this world. 

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