Candice Lin “The Animal Husband” at Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh

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Located in Talbot Rice Gallery’s former pure historical past museum, Candice Lin’s exhibition will open speculative conversations about how humanness, animality, race and gender have been formed by histories of science. A brand new animation on a kinetic display will function cats—together with Roger, the artist’s cat—who philosophically theorizes in regards to the position of animal castration within the human world. Tracing an alternate family tree of sexual data drawn from queer historians and theorists, Lin examines the porous boundaries and violent intimacies that outline the non-human. 

Lin additionally instantly addresses examples from the distinguished historical past of medication in Scotland. Her work, The Moon/Inside Out, instantly addresses William Hunter’s Gravid Uterus, a examine by the founding father of the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow that notoriously concerned the homicide of pregnant girls. Analyzing how colonial, capitalist and scientific tasks assemble the human by means of constructs of race, gender, sexuality, and our relationship to non-human animals, this exhibition gives a queer, imaginative house through which new sensibilities can type.

at Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh
till September 29, 2024

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