Benjamin Hirte “True Sculpture” at Christian Andersen, Copenhagen

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I consider “True Sculpture” inside the framework of Magical Realism, which situates surreal parts in a practical surroundings and sometimes in an allegedly historic setting. Its hypothesis and romanticism are invested with a declare of performance.

Venus, Home, Plague, and Fountain—the titles of the stone items—seek advice from canonical, if eclectic matters of sculpture. Owing to sure options of the one stones, they could possibly be parts of a deconstructed physique. Home incorporates a plastic construction. Its options derive from frequent designs of bait stations and traps for rodents. These normally closed entities, when opened, reveal an elaborate, but enigmatic structure to lure and kill.

The constructing complicated the place Christian Andersen’s gallery house is located shares a historical past with the trades of sculpture and stonemasonry. The Civiletatens Materialgård was constructed within the second half of the eighteenth century and was used to retailer authentic elements of municipal and royal buildings—an assemblage of broken parts in want of restoration typically after massive fires.

The intersecting theme of my present and the previous use of the house is incidential, nevertheless. “True Sculpture” was sketched out earlier than I discovered in regards to the historical past of the constructing, though the previous metropolis was on my thoughts. The previous metropolis, in architectural phrases, is an surroundings that grows organically and is constructed by artisans educated within the conventional crafts. In contrast, the fashionable metropolis is a deliberate city surroundings manufactured from industrially produced supplies and parts. Metropolis of La Marque and Metropolis of La Margue, the titles of the 2 wall works within the entryway, seek advice from an arbitrary metropolis. A marque in French is solely a “mark.” The blue specks on the cardboard hint the define of the emblem of the power drink Pink Bull, smashed cans of that are generally discovered within the metropolis and on its fringes.

at Christian Andersen, Copenhagen
till Could 20, 2023

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