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Final weekend noticed the conclusion of Bartek Świątecki’s Chasing The Wind exhibition at Chenus Longhi in Paris. Plainly Poland has produced a disproportionately giant variety of artists who began out writing graffiti and have then stretched the motion’s foundational ideas to oblivion in their very own distinctive methods, creating new languages of expression within the course of. Świątecki, often known as Pener, was a part of the Spectrum crew alongside the likes of Proembrion and later painted partitions in Bydgoszcz with Sainer and Bezt earlier than more and more turning his consideration to his studio apply.

His studio is predicated in Olsztyn and this new physique of labor closely references the encircling Masuria area’s pure atmosphere. The canvases and panels are constructed up with a number of layers of paint and glaze which offer a hyper-saturated interpretation of a number of the areas 2,000 ultramarine lakes, verdant forested hills and yellow wild flower meadows. Whereas, for some, plein-air panorama portray conjures up notions of sedate and gentile rest, Pener as an alternative embraces the chaotic vitality of nature by way of the usage of thrusting, angular mark-making and dynamic, fluid composition.

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