“Archive of Dreams. A Surrealist Impulse” at The Archiv der Avantgarden — Egidio Marzona (ADA), Dresden

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In its first exhibition, the Archiv der Avantgarden is being remodeled into the Archive of Desires. It’s a area of desires and uncanny visions which might be archived, activated, rediscovered, examined, exhibited and carried out. It’s an archive and on the identical time a Bureau, an exhibition, a spot of participation and discourse. It’s a labyrinth of visions, concepts, inventive processes, and historic testimonies, the place historic myths unfold in avant-garde practices.

“The Archive of Desires” is a spot of exploration of Surrealist impulses. It highlights the work of the Surrealists as the primary group of artists to develop archiving practices as an avant-garde gesture. 100 years in the past, in 1924, André Breton revealed the Manifesto of Surrealism and the Bureau des recherches surréalistes (Bureau of Surrealist Analysis) was based to gather, archive, and research dream testimonies in all types.

The exhibition presents avant-garde practices that blur the boundaries between actuality and dream, passive archive and energetic revolutions, between previous, current and doable futures. Over 300 works—objects, collages, drawings, books and magazines, photomontages and movies—illustrate the strategies of Surrealist teams around the globe. Their themes merged with ethnology, anthropology, sociology, and political activism and likewise partly impressed different experimental avant-garde actions of the post-war interval, corresponding to Artwork Brut, Cobra, Pop Artwork, and Fluxus.

at The Archiv der Avantgarden — Egidio Marzona (ADA), Dresden
till September 1, 2024

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