Analisa Teachworth “Alter” at Kevin Space, Vienna

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“Alter” is the primary solo exhibition by multidisciplinary artist Analisa Teachworth in Austria. The exhibition formulates entrance factors to uncharted and liminal areas via a brand new sequence of work and site-specific set up.
“Alter” expands on the artist’s curiosity in analyzing the interrelations between expertise, spatiality, place, and borders via an investigation of assorted supplies and kinds. Teachworth’s multifaceted observe, spanning work, sculptures, installations, sound, digital media, analysis, and writing, rigorously developed over the previous decade, handle means and methodologies of myth-making and self-defining.
Teachworth opens up the probabilities of receptive and fluid processes of materialization, the place the manufacturing of that means and data isn’t fastened and ideas between ‘pure’ vs. ‘synthetic,’ ‘human’ vs. ‘non-human,’ and ‘social’ vs. ‘technological’ will be overtly investigated and negotiated. The thresholds and portals showing in “Alter” are of architectural, materials, social and existential nature. They converse to the (im)chance of transgressing one’s viewpoint, perspective and positioning, which might be humanistically inscribed and recount the fiction of our interiority. Teachworth’s new set up summons the “rhythms, pulsions and patternings of non-human forces,” that Mark Fisher described because the eerie presences which might be all the time sharing our interiority with us. The surface is the within.
Via elaborative visible language and narrative that nurture transformations and symbiotic relationships, Teachworth’s work lays open undocumented oral data and unwritten data as a type of private delusion and world-building, influenced by the artist’s upbringing within the panorama of deserted post-industrial Detroit, and her Puerto Rican ancestry.

at Kevin Area, Vienna
till Could 13, 2023

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