Albert Mertz, B. Ingrid Olson, Kern Samuel “Five Easy Pieces” at Croy Nielsen, Vienna

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Time is sentient in “5 Straightforward Items.” Wrapped of their ardent and solemn ideas these three artists say not more than is important. They converse a laconic visible language, for these inductive states are a sense and a gesture marked by the implacable must categorical the presence of a state of being, for a kind can’t measure, nor phrases outline the vastness of the ineffable.

Of their delicate sensorial moulding of disparate supplies, the shrill cry of ghostly vestiges could be felt. Within the fierce and rugged kinds we really feel the nonetheless murmur within the limb of life. Every object incorporates the minutest particulars of the everlasting and stuck, nothing extra, nothing much less. The place entropy and destruction reigns on this planet at-large, the exhibtion contrasts the hurly-burly spectacle of media with a contemplative, and subdued glow. 

For the rudiments of scale, proportion, and refinement, reinforces the tenets of a tattered modernity. Tattered, although not damaged, issues return to fundamentals. The constructions stay sound, the factors are a relentless. 

The place rose tints soften into azure washes in Kern Samuel, the modest industrial supplies of Mertz (i.e. Povera) remodel with noble traits, shade codes and contrasts, growth and contraction. Such rectilinear thought kinds therein include innummerable spheres of the seen and invisible; the hidden realms are current. One factor results in one other. Listed below are three people who perceive that straightforward issues haven’t any worth unto themselves but paradoxically achieve in worth as discreet channels of expression. Giving over to this world of exterior issues requires a plainspoken language of interiority no matter materials issues.

The seductive pockets of architectonic two and three-dimensional house in B. Ingrid Olson, or the inscrutable home windows of Albert Mertz due to this fact receive a talismanic energy. Such high quality of components incorporates a predisposed actuality wrought forth right into a given kind. In Olson, the Eros of a physique cavity, angular as a crevice and a crease, takes on larger proportional quantity when inserted right into a self-sufficient decreased house. There’s complexity within the elegant folds of the easy and formal.

Kern Samuel’s delicate emotive palette is impregnated with the recombitant actions of deconstruction the place odds, and ends, coalesce into mediations of disparate elements. The fragments are a puzzle reconciled into a complete. Substratums of blended media (rust, pigment, dye, and soil) remodel items of stitched canvas, denim, or linen painted or stained with mutant blocks of dispersed shade, undulating circles, and crescent moons. Suffused with the fabric richness of Delaunay and Orphism, these misshapen odes to painterly kind are greater than free geometric abstractions; they’re delicate filigrees of shade and repetition endowed with the metrical rhythm of verse poetry.

At this interval of the ages, some will say that the bottom has shifted; in opposition to the backdrop of ruinous suppositions and techno Babylon, the wild has received. The truth is, as we converse, the new is being terra shaped. Out of previous issues the reclamation undertaking hath begun, and shorn its previous pores and skin from the fruit of the dwelling. The tide has was finer grades of environment of inestimable worth. Life is price dwelling.

—Max Henry

at Croy Nielsen, Vienna
till March 16, 2024

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