Agnes Scherer “Casper a la mode” at Bel Ami, Los Angeles

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For this collaboration, Agnes has created a sequence of works on paper, every made up of collaged and minimize out layers of drawings in graphite, coloured pencil, watercolor, and ink pen. A kite sculpture framing a reclining determine has touched down in the course of the gallery.

These wild assemblages have been made by Agnes throughout a summer season keep in California. Her circus-like productions don’t at all times require the logistics of cumbersome wood crates. On this journey, Agnes depends on fast wit, ingenuity, and a few well-organized coloured pencils packed alongside for the experience. The particular results of her surfaces obtain the thinness of the paper itself—one thing much more refined and less complicated couldn’t exist.

Agnes’s pencil marks run forwards and backwards like raindrops dotting a windshield with the occasional crab scurrying throughout the glass (it’s been raining right here in LA currently). Disturbed limbs and wandering faces drift across the web page by way of home windows as if bottled up. Paths of lattice networks seem as bars of a cage, but additionally playful buildings, like a gymnastic springboard in a leap! These poor fools blended and twisted collectively, seemingly comfortable and relaxed as their discombobulated heads float round unbothered, even within the presence of malevolent harlequins.

The figures enclosed in these minds don’t really feel notably constrained, particularly the sirens, who appear to swim round any perceivable impediment in sight. Leaping into clouds to catch her kite, Agnes makes one ponder the ecstasy and terror within the heights of occasions and locations that make life price residing. Agnes sees her spectacle by way of the flesh, much less involved with the stillness of tangible issues on the planet, however fairly intent on capturing wonderful auras arising from unconscious energies, who often put on new trainers or flashy monitor pants.

at Bel Ami, Los Angeles
till November 4, 2023

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