“After. After History, Afterlife” at :After Festival, Sicily

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Winner of the general public discover “Pageant Architettura – II version,” promoted by the Basic Directorate for Modern Creativity of the Ministry of Tradition, “:After. After Historical past, Afterlife” is the primary structure competition on a regional scale that proposes an exploration of Trendy Sicily, to be held from 22 to 29 April in cities and cities within the provinces of Palermo, Trapani, Caltanissetta, Siracusa and Catania.

The competition is conceived as a Grand Tour of the Sicilian territory of the final 100 years. The occasion is characterised by an experiential nature that by way of city walks, visits, talks and encounters will discover structure, locations, landscapes—realized, forgotten or unfinished—with the intention of figuring out a distinct interpretation able to triggering a brand new consciousness on themes deeply rooted within the current historical past of Sicily—the heritage of recent structure, the commercial and post-industrial panorama, decolonization.

“:After. After Historical past, Afterlife” turns into on the identical time a analysis program on Sicily that wishes to query the island past its historicization: what does it imply, and the way can one change one’s perspective and notion on what has at all times been perceived as ‘custom’?

“The title of the competition “After Historical past, Afterlife” accommodates a declaration of intent, particularly the thought of overcoming the postcard picture of Sicily, primarily based on a romantic dimension of a culturally wealthy previous, the preamble to a story through which the South is underdeveloped and backward (after historical past); and to begin once more with a historicization that intends to vary the standpoint and examine the a number of potentialities of the Sicilian territory by providing a second life to its structure (after life). It is a first elementary step in direction of the idea of sustainability, giving a second life and new worth to what already exists,” the curators clarify.

Because of an intense program organized over eight days and varied phases, the competition follows a dense itinerary, ranging from Palermo and heading eastwards, pertaining to Gibellina and its utopian venture, the big industrial poles of Augusta, Gela and Termini Imerese, then Borgo Rizza, the deserted rural village constructed throughout the Fascist period, and at last Catania and its peculiar territorial relationship.

“The selection of the locations on the tour, which can not and isn’t meant to be an exhaustive restitution of the themes and kinds of Sicilian structure, is as a substitute a potential mapping of locations that turn into levers for telling the story of Sicilian modernity, its issues and contradictions, and its unexplored potential,” the curators conclude.

Organized by
Fondazione Studio Rizoma

Curated by
Pietro Airoldi, Lisa Andreani, Jacopo Costanzo (WAR), Zeno Franchini (LOTS/Marginal), Francesca Gattello (LOTS/Marginal), Valeria Guerrisi (WAR) and Izabela Anna Moren (FSR)

at :After Pageant, Sicily
April 22–29, 2023

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