“A Terra di U Cumunu” at FRAC Corsica, Corti

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If it has lengthy been an indication of the permanence of a cyclical life, rocked by the rhythm of the seasons, rural life has not escaped the various mutations inherent to modernity, beginning with the drastic discount of its place in our societies. Its ongoing hybridization with peri-urban areas, the place housing estates are scattered, and vacationer websites, which shrink with winter, demonstrates a basic plasticity that can be discovered within the mutation of agricultural holdings below the impression of industrialization linked to the expansion of the agri-food sector. Thus, rural life seems as a fancy social atmosphere on the coronary heart of the cultural contradictions that cross this twenty first century. From this standpoint, it’s the cursed a part of an ecology, which too typically treats nature as an idealized factor, reminding us of the required transformation of the matter upon which human labor depends. Labor will be the most placing signal that nature can not simply be regarded as a easy entity to be preserved just like the summary counterpoint to an more and more synthetic and technological atmosphere.

The exhibition “A Terra di U Cumunu” then borrows its title from the historical past of Corsica to metaphorize the collective appropriation of lands that was widespread throughout the Genoese period the place these lands weren’t cultivated. Though these open lands have been lowered within the 18th century with the rise of personal property, it stays that these collective areas will not be only a fantasy. They remind us that communal agricultural practices have existed on the island territory and that these commons present, in reserve—similar to artwork—potential for sharing. “A Terra di U Cumunu” then deploys completely different creations to attract in a non-literal means a valuable dialogue between artwork and the agricultural atmosphere, removed from the stereotype of a present creation that may flourish primarily in main worldwide capitals.

Taking part artists: Amandine Joset-Battini, Flo*Souad Benaddi, Toni Casalonga, Aurélie Ferruel et Florentine Guédon, Marcos Ávila Forero, Asunción Molinos Gordo, Hendrik Hegray, Judith Hopf, Suzanne Husky, Nicolas Momein, Gyan Panchal, Anna Reutinger, Rémi Voche, Jean-Philippe Volonter

at FRAC Corsica, Corti
till March 21, 2024

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