12th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art

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As numerous and various because the worlds that comprise our present human actuality are, they subsist amid the waste and cacophony that traverse world capitalism’s frantic and harmful race towards manufacturing. For the reason that onset of modernity, our planet has endured successive and ruinous adjustments which have accelerated alarmingly from the beginning of the third millennium. The place to which we’ve arrived immediately isn’t by likelihood: it’s the results of historic formations constructed over centuries. The truth is, the current world is the way in which it’s as a result of it carries the entire wounds accrued all through the historical past of Western modernity. Unrepaired, they proceed to hang-out our societies.

On the event of the twelfth Berlin Biennale for Up to date Artwork, artists from across the globe have interaction with the legacies of modernity and the ensuing state of planetary emergency. They map the world with its ruptures and contradictions, create counter-trajectories to the colonial narrative, and suggest decolonial methods for the long run. How can a decolonial ecology be formed? What position can non Western feminist actions play within the reappropriation of historical past? How can the talk on restitution be reinvented past the return of plundered items? Can the sector of emotion be reclaimed by way of artwork?

twelfth Berlin Biennale for Up to date Artwork
till September 18, 2022

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